Bonsai Art – A friendly place for all your bonsai needs

Bonsai Art is a family run Bonsai nursery owned by Megumi, Brian and Alex Bennett. You will not find a nicer family or people that know more about Bonsai than the Bennett’s.

Bonsai Art will have all your Bonsai needs covered. They stock a wide range of Bonsai nursery stock trees, pots, tools and accessories. They run Bonsai lessons, are always happy to give advice and offer a high quality bonsai maintenance service.

Whenever I need advice or supplies for my Bonsai, Bonsai Art is always the first place I go.

More information can be found here:

  • Bonsai Art Pty Ltd
  • Bonsai Nursery at Hidden Orient
    206-208 Forest Way
    Belrose NSW 2085
  • phone:0423 763 506


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