Natures Child book launch

I recently went to the book launch of ‘Natures Child: A Life Within Two Cultures’. This is the story of my bonsai teachers (Megumi Bennett) life written by Marry Ann Napper.

There was about 250 people at the book launch. I met with quite a few old bonsai friends that were very nice to catch up with. I also had the privilege of meeting Consul-General of Japan in Sydney, Mr Keizo Takewaka.

I’m about halfway through the book. It’s fascinating to read about traditional life in Japan post world II and the courage shown by Megumi to leave Japan to leave her family to start a new life in Australia in the 70’s.


‘Life in Australia encompasses marriage, motherhood, horticultural studies, setting up a bonsai studio and nursery and organising annual cultural exhibitions. Under the mentorship of the grandmaster, the late Mr Saburo Kato, Megumi Bennett provides leadership to a growing bonsai community in Australia’.


A great book, nicely written by Marry Ann Napper, about a truly inspiring person. I feel very lucky to have been taught by Megumi Bennett and to know the whole Bennett family. Great people!

Natures Child is available to purchase from Amazon

Marry Ann Napper (author), Mr Keizo Takewaka (Consul-General of Japan in Sydney), Megumi Bennett and Alex Bennett – Natures Child book launch December 2018


With Alex Bennett, Megumi Bennett and Mr Keizo Takewaka, Consul-General of Japan in Sydney, at ‘Nature’s Child’ book launch

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