The Grub

Over the summer period I do not spray for insects because midsummer temperatures and insecticides can kill bonsai. This year I have taken particular attention to what happens over this period and I have found something chewing on my leaves, particularly overnight.

Today I found the culprit. A micro caterpillar approximately 3mm long. A tiny eating machine that just kept eating and eating while I took photos and videos.

This tiny critter strips the green of the leaves leaving a skeletal leaf shell. It is particularly fond of all types of Ficus.  They also seem to have an ability to target an important branch that I really want protected.

It’s a bit of a relief to know exactly what is causing this damage because at first some of the spots looked like they could have been a disease.

Because the high temperature here this time of year is constantly around 350C or higher I can’t spray without risking significant damage to my bonsai. So I’ve decided not to treat. My bonsai are in great condition right now so they are in a good position to just ride it out.

Hope you like the video and images.



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