Fulgorid Plant Hopper

I was working on my bonsai when I spotted this little guy on a ficus. Couldn’t resist a few photos before moving it on to a safe place well away from any bonsai as I believe they are sap suckers.

At first I thought it was a weevil because of the long nose but that didn’t sit right with me because it has no antennae. So after some more investigation I believe it belongs to the Fulgoridae family. The Family Fulgoridae contains the world’s largest and most spectacular plant hoppers. This identification makes much more sense because of the way it was moving. Very typical of a tree hopper. I love tree hoppers, they are a diverse group of insects that are great models for macro photography.

Here is a link to a resource I used for identification: https://www1.dpi.nsw.gov.au/keys/fulgor/fulgorid/index.html 


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