Bonsai Pots

Bonsai Pots

Bonsai pots are another art form in their own right. A beautifully designed pot matched to the bonsai can be the point of difference that allows a magnificent bonsai shine to its full potential. The relationship between bonsai and pot should be subtle. Both should add to each other without distracting from the overall display.

I have a passion for pots, particularly shohin and accent size. When it comes to pot knowledge I am very much a novice, half of my collection I have no idea who produced them. But for me this is not why I collect them. I’m not interested in collecting antique pots that are so expensive I have to worry about if they get broken. My bonsai pot collecting is really about finding nice pots that resonate with me, particularly from local or developing artists. I am very interested in pots made in Australia but at this stage I have very few of these.

At the moment I have around 100 pots, about half of these have trees in them. I don’t always have to spend a fortune to find a pot I really love. Some pots just have a nice feel, almost a presence, regardless of the maker. I have even found a single pot that stands out in a batch of mass produced pots. That said, there is something about good quality handmade pots that sets them apart.

As part of my quest to build my collection and know more about the artists who create them, I have put together a resource page. It covers some of my collection, artists I purchase from, a list of Australian artists who make bonsai pots, and some useful links.

If anyone can help me identify any of the unknown artists, I would be very grateful for the information.  Please note Matt’s Bonsai Blog intentionally has no paid advertising and I have no commercial relationship with any of the companies, products or people mentioned in this article.

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